Who is Community Hosting?

Community Hosting is a private webhosting company established in 1999. We are a company focused on provivding individualized webhosting to clients that have speciliazed needs.

What's so special about it?

Community Hosting caters primarily to high resource usage sites that other web hosting providers turn down. While we host all kinds of websites, we especially cater to community based sites, such as online forums, game server/communities, file sharing and distribution and much more.

Why those sites?

Most web hosting providers will disconnect your website when it starts using excessive bandwidth or excessive processor usage. Community Based sites typically have a high CPU to bandwidth usage ratio - meaning they use a lot of CPU time but less bandwidth. This can have an adverse affect on the other websites hosted at or on the servers of other providers. At Community Hosting, we evalutate each customers needs and either place them on an appropriate server or build a new server to accomodate their usage requirements. Should a customers website start out small and grow into something large, we can transfer the entire website in a matter of minutes from one server to another server with more resources available, providing very little if any downtime. This allows us to be dynamic and responsive to customers needs.