About Us

Community Hosting is a private webhosting company established in 1999 that is located in the heart of downtown Kansas City. We provide access to Cogent, AFS, Time Warner, Level 3 and the Kansas City Internet Exchange

Our environment is highly virtualized unless otherwise required by the customer. This means we are agile and able to dynamically assign resources to each machine as required. We also do not suffer from the problems of hardware failure that other companies struggle with. If we have hardware issues on one server, we can transfer the website(s) on that server to another server instantly and transparently.

Between our redundant storage, connectivity and server capability, downtime is minimal. We also provided the added benefit of direct access to the console of your server, should you desire it. Few other hosting companies will allow this or even have the facilities to provide this. One of the many benefits of this server is the ability it affords the customer to work with the server, even if it's in a powered off state.